The Internet in Society: Educational Material for the Digital Citizenship

If you want to strengthen an empowered citizenship in the digital society, it is crucial that young people have a basic knowledge of the Internet. Gry Hasselbalch has developed the educational material “The Internet in Society” for the Media Council for Children and Young People. The material is freely available and different subjects such as social studies, media studies, English and Danish on upper secondary level.

It contains eight themes with different angles on the Internet’s influence on society. Topics include “The digital divide”, “Human Rights” and “Big data and privacy on the Internet”. The aim of the material is to inspire teachers to develop their own teaching on the subject. But the material can also be used directly in the classroom and will give students a basic understanding of the web’s importance in society.

The Chairman of the Danish Media Council says about the material:

“The Internet in Society” points to a key challenge of our time, namely the discussion of the digitization in a broader democratic and societal perspective. Where the focus so far has been on children and young people’s practical ICT skills or, when the waves were going high, on their well-being in online communities, issues regarding citizenship and the social perspectives have previously fallen in the background – this material will pick up on that. Through themes such as ‘surveillance’, ‘digital divides’ and ‘the intransparent Internet’, the “Internet in Society” opens up for a number of relevant and current discussions about the Internet in social and democratic perspective.”

See the online themes here (in Danish)




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