Role: Co-founder and Director of Research

Time: Ongoing

Paid: No

Notes: Paid limited fees in connection with work performed on specific projects with external funding, from e.g. Open Society Foundations and LUMINATE by The Omidyar Group.

Role: Principal Investigator/Lead of the Data Pollution & Power Initiative for the Sustainable AI Lab, Institute of Science and Ethics, Bonn University

Time: 2021-2022

Paid: Yes

Terms: Working as independent external contractor

Role: Senior Key AI Ethics Expert/Research Lead

Time: 2021-23

Paid: Yes

Role: Independent Ethics Expert

Time: Ongoing

Paid: Yes

Role: Member of the EU High-Level Expert Group on AI

Time: 2018-2020

Paid: No

Role: Member with specific focus on artificial intelligence and data ethics of Bayer’s Bioethics Committee on Human Health.

Time: November 2021- 2023

Paid: Yes

Notes: The role has been accepted based on conditions that ensure expert independence and the ability to critically challenge.

The scope of the bio ethics committee is to:
• challenge Bayer to ensure human bioethics is an integral part of the R&D contributions
• challenge Bayer’s policies in respect to human bioethics and provides input on strategic shifts
• evaluate Bayer’s progress towards the implementation of its bioethics strategies and goals
• consult on main drivers behind contemporary bioethics topics (i.e. technological advancement and social change)

Gry works as an independent expert and only accepts tasks where she has academic freedom as well as the conditions available to challenge and be critical.

She has never and do not work to promote or advice companies on communications and public relations.

She has never and do not accept funding from GAFAM.

On several occasions Gry has provided the Mozilla Foundation input on their trustworthy AI strategy and theory of change. This was done without fees.