Awareness Raising & Education

Based on 10 years of professional experience with consumer awareness and education on tech issues in a national (Danish) and European context Gry Hasselbalch develops and provides insights on:

  • Awareness material
  • Concepts for consumer awareness campaigns
  • Educational material
  • Overview of policies, stakeholders, existing campaigns, educational and awareness material in Denmark and Europe.

Gry’s special expertise is in children and young people’s use of the internet and new tech from years of empirical research, awareness raising, campaigning and education of youth, teachers and parents.


Human Rights Guide for Youth: An adaptation of the Council of Europe’s Human rights guide for internet users for youth in cooperation with the Danish Institute for Human Rights and the Danish Media Council.

The educational material The Internet in Society contains eight themes with different angles on the Internet’s influence on society suh as “The digital divide”, “Human Rights” and “Big data and privacy on the Internet”.

Crypto parties for kids: In 2014 secondary school students and their teachers could take part in the first crypto parties in Denmark for teachers and kids in the Danish film institute. Covered by Danish TV news with an expert programme of presentations and workshops. (Later Gry took part in the radio crypto party together with her co organisers of the events.  Listen to it here (in Danish))