Expert knowledge

Gry Hasselbalch’s expertise is based on 10+ years advocacy, participation in policy processes, network with public and private partners, talks and lectures, publications, research and regular appearances in the media. She has specialized in:

  • Data ethics in businesses
  • Data Ethics and AI/AS
  • Online privacy
  • Youth and the internet
  • Technology awareness and skills (teachers, children and young people, parents)
  • Social impact of new technologies
  • International human rights in internet governance

Get in touch for:

  • Talks, workshops, panel debates, moderation of sessions
  • Research, documentation
  • Reports, articles
  • Consultation and evaluation


The book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage

The report Digital Challenges for Danish Consumers: In this 2016 report written for the main consumers’ organization in Denmark, Gry maps current digital challenges and analyses interviews with key experts from  public and private institutions.

Independent expert for the European Commission Horizon2020 and ERC: Gry does ethical screenings and evaluations of proposals.

Workshop on AI and ethics for engineers at the Association of Nordic Engineers’ 10 year Jubilee

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