Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage (The talk)

Data makes the world go round. It’s politics, economy, culture and it’s business – the foundation of digital trust. At the edge of the big data era, citizens and consumers are starting to worry about the lack of control over their data and they’ve  begun to act, legislation is adapting and alternative business models and technologies are emerging. Data ethics is not only a rising demand and formal requirement, it is also becoming a key competitive parameter.

Companies, organisations and authorities which view data ethics as a social responsibility and assess and manage the potentials and risks of data on an equal basis are tomorrow’s winners.

     This talk is based on the book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage by Gry Hasselbalch and Pernille Tranberg. Combined with case studies of companies which use data ethics to varying degrees, it maps key trends within business development, legislation and citizen/consumer awareness and behaviour that shape the data-ethical paradigm shift.
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About the speaker:
For more than 10 years, Gry has worked with the industry, policymakers, NGOs and end users in the cross field of tech, ethics, human rights and society. Previously in European internet governance as manager of the Danish Media Council’s EU Aware Centre on youth and tech, currently as an independent advisor on data ethics. Still with one foot in the policy field as a data ethics expert for the European Commission’s Horizon2020 and the ERCEA, she also works closely with the people who designs the systems e.g. via the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethically Aligned design of AI. Gry is coauthor of the book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage (2016) and behind several studies, articles and reports, including TechCrunch, DailyDot and OpenDemocracy contributions. She is often called upon by media, and has spoken at venues worldwide to all types of audiences from policymakers to engineers and educators.
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Contact Gry for more info:
Phone: 0039 35 12 70 55 84 (IT)/0045 29 82 73 74 (DK)

IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2017:

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 16.50.06

Prezi for the talk “Data Ethics – The Competitive Advantage”


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